is out with phase 3 (from what I can see) of its plan to help small businesses build Web sites. First it was just free Web sites. Then it was free web sites plus additional fee based services from partners. Now BigStep has taken a “huge step” and is offering business class servies to its core product offering:
From a recent BigStep email:
For just $24.95 a month, the Professional Service includes site hosting and all of our basic service features, plus:
Business Email That Matches Your Web Address
Greater Control Over Your Site’s Appearance
Hate that blue banner at the top of every page in your site? Get rid of it! As a member of the Professional Service, you can turn the blue banner off and on, depending on your preferences.
Support for MP3s, PDFs, Word Files, and More
Additional Disk Space for Images and Media Files
The Professional Service comes with 50MB of storage capacity for your images and media files. That’s more than four times the space the free service offers!
Enhanced Reports
Our new Enhanced Reports help you analyze the success of your catalog, marketing, and site building efforts, so you can see exactly what’s working and what’s not.
Quick Response Customer Support
Gain access to a special members-only customer support form and get priority attention from our Customer Support team!