Qwest Communications Achieves Record Customer Service Results For First Quarter 2001 (PR Newswire)
Qwest Communications International Inc., the broadband Internet communications company, announced today the company’s first-quarter 2001 service results in the 14-state local service area were the best in five to seven years for residential and small-business customers.
– Apr 23 7:05 AM ET
My spin: Just a tid bit of info FYI…
MyReceivables.com Announces Alliance with Staples.com Offering its Accounts Receivable Funding And Management Services (Business Wire)
…Staples Inc.’s (NASDAQ:SPLS) electronic marketplace that provides office supplies, small business services, content and community over the Internet….
– Apr 23 8:50 AM ET
My spin: Staples is becoming the big daddy of aggregating ASP services. ASP’s that want a shot at success would do well to check Staples.com out – it’s easy there’s no fees………..ha, ha, easy! Please, Staples.com checks out their partners so stringently it would make a US Secret Service agent blush.