editor/analyst was quoted in the latest editions of Entrepreneur Magazine (May 2001) and “myBusiness”, the small business magazine of the National Federation of Independent Businesses”
Bizfinity(TM) Deploys
CommerceFlow’s Auction-Management Service
(PR Newswire)
…Under the agreement, Bizfinity now offers its small-business customers the
CommerceFlow service as part of Bizfinity’s new Web Auctioneer module….
Apr 16 8:04 AM ET
Bizfinity(TM) Secures
Additional $9 Million in ‘C’ Round Funding
(PR Newswire)
…“Bizfinity Announces Next Generation E-Commerce Platform for Small Business
for further details….
Apr 16 2:17 PM ET
My spin: Bizfinity’s chugging along and adding tools and services to
its platform of e-commerce solutions. While Bizfinity is not trying to be all things to
all small businesses, it does appear that it’s doing everything it can to make e-commerce
as robust and easy for small businesses. The clock is ticking however, for Bizfinity and
others., Hypermart and other Web hosting companies, who are expanding their
services are going to bump into this middle tier of SMB ASP’s. While up above, larger
companies like Microsoft’s bCentral, Intuit and are quickly building online and offline
SMB solutions…the dominoes will roll soon.
WaveRider’s LMS2000 to Deliver
High-Speed Wireless Internet Access to Businesses in Tampa, FL

…The LMS2000 is part of WaveRider’ Last Mile Solution (R) family of products which
includes the company’s new LMS3000 and LMS3100 non-line-of-sight wireless networks that
deliver Internet access up to 1 Mbps to residential and small business users….
Apr 16 9:23 AM ET
My spin: Broadband wireless is increasing….this is the way for CLECS
and others to more easily fight against incumbent telcos
Acer America Announces TravelMate
210 Series
(Business Wire)
…"We wanted to design an all-in-one notebook with solid performance and features,
at a competitive price for small business, home, and first time users looking for a
credible alternative to a standard desktop system….
Apr 16 2:48 PM ET
My spin: Just thought you might be interested
Small Business Internet
Banking Practices Revealed in New In-Depth Report From Barlow Research Associates, Inc.

(PR Newswire)
E-marketplaces, account aggregation and investment accounts offered as part of a bank’s Small
Internet Banking service are of little interest to Small Business
Apr 16 8:03 AM ET
My spin: So I guess small businesses like the simple things in life
From the press release: E-marketplaces, account aggregation and investment accounts
offered as part of a bank’s Small Business Internet Banking service are of little interest
to Small Business owners. Fewer than a quarter of small businesses said that it was either
a top priority or very important for their bank to offer these services on their Web site.

Trellix Acquires License to Pyra
Labs’ Blogger Technology
(Business Wire)
Trellix(R) Corp., the leading provider of web site publishing software and managed hosting
services to top Internet destination sites and small business providers, today
announced the licensing of Pyra Labs’ market-leading Blogger(TM) web logging technology.
Apr 16 8:16 AM ET
My spin: In the same way that one can find tons of news and
information at MSNBC, Trellix appears to be poised to be providing core, and interesting
tools for its users. Blogger’s are an easy and efficient way to create fresh content.
!Trak-It Solutions Announces The
Release of Its Small Business Edition Applicant Tracking System

…As the boom in Small Business enterprise continues at a steady pace, !Trak-…
Apr 16 8:15 AM ET
My spin: For small businesses on a hiring binge, !Trak-it may just be
the solution…check it out:
From the press release: !Trak-It Applicant – Small Business Edition with 100
standard reports and letters is quick to install, very easy to learn, and quite
affordable. And as your business grows it is painlessly expandable to incorporate more
advanced features of the standard version.

Delta Launches MYOBTravel,
Meeting the Needs of the Small Business Traveler; One-stop Travel Web Site Allows
Booking of Airline, Car and Hotel Reservations
(PR Newswire)
…The one-stop travel Web site enables small business travelers and company travel
planners to book airline,…
Apr 16 8:01 AM ET
My spin: I don’t know if Delta is going to be successful at beating
Expedia, Travelocity or other name brand travel sites, but for dedicate small business
Delta customers MYOBTravel may be the way to go:
From the press release: The new site, Delta’s first separately branded Web product,
is designed for small businesses with five to 50 travelers that spend less than $500,000
on annual airfare. Steve Scheper, Delta’s managing director for e-Business,
Business-to-consumer, said that MYOBTravel creates a one-stop online travel solution for
this historically undeserved travel segment.

The eLedger Business Manager
Brings the Speed and Functionality of a Desktop Application to ASP Accounting

eLedger, a leader in Internet accounting for small businesses, announced that it’s new
products solve the speed and usability problems that are commonly associated with small
accounting ASP’s.
Apr 12 10:50 AM ET
My spin: From the press release: "The promise of high speed
Internet access has not yet materialized for most small businesses who typically still use
a standard 56k modem. Since most accounting ASP products are web only solutions, they must
operate within the limitations of the browser environment and typically require
significant bandwidth to operate effectively often making them slow and impractical. Most
accounting ASP’s have attempted a variety of techniques to improve speed, but eLedger is
the first to completely eliminate these speed issues over a standard modem based Internet

It’s true that many small businesses do not have high speed access to the Internet.
Companies, following in eLedger’s lead, that provide Windows based software with Internet
hooks can offer the speed and ease of use of Windows applications with enhancements such
automatic updates, data security and etc
— Licking the DSL Debacle
(Business Week)
SMALL BUSINESS By Julie Fields in New York There’s just one word to describe
Andy Dickey’s business last summer: chaos….
Apr 11 10:15 AM ET
My spin:  BestWeb corps story, shows how hard life is like not
only for DSL customers but for DSL retailers and those partners they rely on – DSL
wholesalers and ultimately the local telephone companies.
DigitalWork eServices Support
Compaq Net Solutions for Business
(PR Newswire)
DigitalWork, Inc., a leader in integrating online services, today announced an agreement
with Compaq Computer Corporation to provide integrated small business services on
Compaq’s recently launched Net Solutions for Business site.
Apr 11 8:23 AM ET
My spin: Small businesses need the services that Digital Work is
selling. By shifting their business model and selling only via partners, DigitalWork is
one of the few newer dot-com companies, selling to small businesses that will be in
business for a long time. They are making revenue and if they can keep their expenses low,
stay away from shrimp parties and etc, things should go well for them.
MerchantOnline Announces New
ISO/Distributor for PC PayMENT(TM) Small Business Package
(PR Newswire)
…“We are very excited about this alliance and look forward to working with Classic
BankCard in providing them with our patented PC PayMENT(TM) Small Business
Apr 11 7:32 AM ET
My spin: Interesting tid-bit
Compaq Introduces the Ultimate
Travel Companion – A Fully-Loaded, Ultra-Portable Notebook for Under $2,000

Compaq Computer Corp. today introduced its newest notebook PC for the U.S. home and small
market: the Presario 800 series.
Apr 11 8:03 AM ET
My spin: Compaq’s Presario 800 series notebook is definitely a value
for small businesses. Wanting something very light, but very powerful. With the additional
cost of a $300 wireless Ricochet Modem and $80 per month users can have unlimited and
wireless internet access.
NFIB Signs on Streaming-Media
Provider to Enhance Member Web Sites; Nashville-based Will Offer Video,
Audio Services for Small Businesses to be More Competitive Online

NFIB, the largest small- business advocacy group in the nation, yesterday announced
it has signed an agreement with to provide streaming-media services to NFIB
members for use on their Web sites.
Apr 10 11:49 AM ET
My spin: I’m getting more and more pessimistic about small businesses
using bleedign edge technology. HOWEVER, NFIB adding a streaming media tool to their
online services is a good thing. Why? They’ve got their core competancy taken care of –
small biz advocacy – anything else is just icing on the cake.
Peoplestreet(TM) Offers
Customized Electronic Business Cards For Small Businesses

Peoplestreet, which recently launched the industry’s first self-updating electronic
business cards, called LiveCards, today announced the availability of customized,
self-updating LiveCards, for small to medium-sized businesses.
Apr 10 11:00 AM ET
My spin: Now this sounds cute, but it’s really, really dumb. Is there
REALLY a market for "live cards" that self update? Listen, I’m sure Peoplestreet
will get a few thousand or so people who want to use this "cute" service, heck
for now it’s free. But my question how will Peoplestreet make money from this. Please
don’t tell me that they are using it to draw people in to more profitable services…..?
Always-On Continues To Extend
Its Reach With Addition Of New Partners
(Internet Wire)
Always-On, Inc., the leading small-business application service provider, today
welcomes two new broadband Internet service providers to its growing list of
partners–CompuHelp Technologies, Inc., based in New York City, and CNG Internet, based in
Newark, NJ.
Apr 10 7:00 AM ET
My spin: I really applaud Always-On’s efforts, but as I wrote in my 10
April 2001 piece about the Small business dot-com fall – I suspect that Always-On is ahead
of itself. Always on was founded in 1999 and is VC backed, but for how long will VC’s wait
for Always-On to make money?
Technologies Unveils New Web-site Building Service Designed for Small Businesses,
Organizations and Professionals
(PR Newswire)
…Homestead Professional helps drive qualified customers to small businesses: * Local
online yellow page listings * Key word advertising buys on major search engines * Search
engine registration * Site traffic reporting World-class Web-site Hosting Services
Homestead Professional offers hosting services that are designed specifically for small
users’ needs: * Reliable hosting on dedicated servers that support 5 GB of
monthly site traffic * 50 MB of Web site storage space Commerce Solutions Our powerful
e-commerce tools enable you to sell products and services from your Web site,…
Apr 09 5:00 AM ET

My spin: Well Homestead joins a long list of providers
trying to get small businesses to build Web sites by offering all in one solutions.  
I use and have been very pleased with them so far, I do wish Homestead all
the best.

Pretty neat…"An offline version of the service that allows members to work on
their sites while not connected to the Internet "
Microsoft’s Big Day
and Partner America Form Alliance To Help Small Business Prosper in Today’s
Internet Economy
(Business Wire)
Microsoft’s Big Day and Partner America(TM) have formed an alliance to help the nation’s
small businesses forge more profitable business-to-business relationships and make more
effective use of the Internet and e-commerce.
Apr 06 11:57 AM ET

My spin: Microsoft’s tentacles spread all over the
small business marketplace…the competition’s got to do a lot more than place a few ads
in magazine or rely on word of mouth. Expands Small
Resource Center
(Business Wire), Inc., a leading provider of domain name services, today expanded its popular
Small Business Resource Center, a powerful suite of tools designed to enable its
business members to succeed online.
Apr 06 8:01 AM ET

My spin: It can’t hurt Namezero to expand its
partnership base, and with 1.5 million registered users it’s got some pretty good numbers.
HOWEVER, small businesses are being over loaded with dot-com this and that….there’s got
to be innovative programs that can break through the clutter.

Technology Media Group to Shut Down Home Office Computing; Title Geared to Home Office
Workers Will Cease Publication With April Issue
(PR Newswire)
…some aspects of Home Office Computing editorial content may be incorporated into its
sister title Small Business Computing, targeted to small business owners….
Apr 06 12:38 PM ET

My spin: A few months ago I did ask FTMG why there
was two mags, and I was told that the home office workers needed a mag of their own…I
guess not any more. I do wish the dedicated staff of Home Office Computing all the best
and much success in their future careers.
Named Preferred Provider of Web-Based Expense Report Automation Service to Peachtree
(PR Newswire), Inc., a provider of Web-based business-to-business software and services
designed to streamline business tasks, and Peachtree(R) Software, a leading provider of
accounting software to the small business marketplace, today announced the
availability of a service to help Peachtree customers better manage their business
Apr 09 9:07 AM ET

My spin: Congrats to – and
it’s good to see PeachTree expanding the services offered to their customers.

Today Microsoft completes it’s purchase of Great
Plains Software. MSNBC had a pretty extensive piece on this.
So check it out…

My spin: It’s a given that technology
companies are pushing businesses to use hosted applications. However, the question I’ve
got and I know others have is do small businesses really want hosted applications – right
now. Is this a viable model. Can you get enough users to pay for a hosted app to make
money from it. Microsoft has a lot of money and can wait a lot longer than others for
these answers to turn positive.

However, I’m sure we’ll see a LOT of consolidation in this
space as smaller hosted applications vendors run out of money.

Microsoft is the key of the operating system space and
they’ve been able to make a nice profit in selling applications to go on top of this. In
addition, they’ve got a whole infrastructure of developers, integrators, hardware and more
hooked onto the Windows platform.

Stage 2 of this is hosted applications – the same things
(programmers, software, operating system ( and etc. Great Plains and bCentral
are key components of this.

From the MSNBC article above:
Microsoft has much bigger plans to use Great Plains as
a springboard to offer a raft of business services, many of which will be delivered
through Microsoft?s nascent Web site for small businesses called bCentral. Some products
also could be integrated with Microsoft?s Office suite of software, a business that isn?t
growing as fast as it used to and is currently being retooled for the Internet. "

Microsoft is trying to “own the platform.
That’s what they’ve always done,” says David C. Thomas, CEO of Intacct
Corp., a Los Gatos, Calif., start-up that has already launched Web-based accounting and
other services for businesses. “They have this figured out. They are doing exactly
the right thing.”

More broadly, it is unclear just how fast the new
Internet “platform” for business programs is developing. These setups typically
require companies to send their corporate data over the Internet to a Web server computer
for processing, yet many companies remain nervous about transmitting confidential
financial data online instead of storing it on their trusty computer hard drives. Scott
Cook, co-founder of market leader Intuit, says that when it comes to accounting software,
“the value add [of the Web] is, well, modest.” Still, his company is developing
Web initiatives.

Consultant Proud to Provide No-Cost Assistance to Top Enterprize Business Plan Winners

(PR Newswire) Paul J. Petrovich, CPA, Technology Consultant at the University of
Pittsburgh Small Business Development Center is proud to have provided three of the
eight winners of this year’s Enterprize Business Plan Competition with his own brand of
no-cost consulting. – Apr 05 12:46 PM ET

My spin: This is not straight technology, but I thought
it was of some interest!

Announces New Product Suite for Windows and the Web
(PR Newswire)
eLedger, a leader in Internet accounting for small businesses and the CPA community,
announced the release of a fundamentally new accounting product, the eLedger Business
Manager. Business Manager is the revolutionary result of two years of research, and
Apr 04 9:45 AM ET

My spin: Now this is something I can jump up and kick
my heels about! I guess the data resides on eLedger servers while for the locally
installed version the interface (of just icons and etc) resides on the local hard drive.
Very nice eLedger!

“Our eLedger Business Manager product is state-of-the-art and an
easy next step for a desktop user who wants the advantages of an accounting system that
stores data centrally,” said Lee Mellinger, eLedger’s President and CEO. “eLedger users
can access the same information in real-time, from multiple locations,” he continued. The
eLedger Business Manager Windows Edition software is loaded on the local drive of a
desktop computer, while the Web Edition can be accessed from virtually any web browser.
Subscribers can use either edition interchangeably and simultaneously.

Technology Media Group Announces the Launch of, a Web Site
Providing Services to the Small and Home Office Business Owner
(PR Newswire)
Freedom Technology Media Group announced today that they have officially launched, a personalized, full-service desktop business center and
content provider for the growing number of small business owners.
Apr 04 9:02 AM ET

My spin: Kudos to Freedom Technology for
launching As long as they don’t try to pour tons of money into this
and make it "just another portal" – I see no reason why they can’t get some good
advertising revenue, partner revenue, services revenue and develop a stronger
relationships with their audience.

“We’re aware that is launching at
an interesting time, as the dot com world is struggling against a variety of challenges,”
says Mendelsohn. He adds, “In spite of the difficult environment, we’ve attracted more
than 16 premier companies representing a broad range of products and services for the SOHO
market as our partners. And we anticipate upwards of 16 more partners within the next few

Launches New Family of Wireless Products for the Small Office/Home Office
Wire) NETGEAR Inc., a provider of small business and home networking products,
today announced the availability of its new family of wireless solutions based on IEEE
802.11b standard technology that will give mobile workers continuous, high-speed access to
corporate network resources, email and the Interne. – Apr 04 8:01 AM ET

My spin: Wireless technology works and
works well. NetGear’s a great company to start with for all your networking (wireless or
not) needs.

Awarded BlueTie Account
(PR Newswire)
…Companies reap several key benefits from BlueTie’s services including elimination of
capital expenditures, big business applications with a small business price tag,
the ability to focus on managing their business and not their technology and enabling
employees to work from anywhere,…
Apr 05 12:06 PM ET

My spin: BlueTie, bCentral, or anyone else
– hosted applications are nice and are in style now, but can companies make PROFIT and
REVENUE by selling hosted applications? I’m not saying that the majority of software won’t
eventually be sold as hosted applications but can small companies like BlueTie last long
enough to see profitability.

Secures $30 Million in Financing
(PR Newswire)
…innovative and dedicated staff along with continued investor confidence will solidify
our leadership position in Web-based small business solutions,” said Evan
Goldberg, president and CEO of NetLedger,…
Apr 05 9:48 AM ET

My spin: Congrats to NetLedger. I hope
this $30 million helps them last long enough to become profitable and self sufficient.

DSL providers fading, customers cringe
…Covad announced that it had signed a new agreement with Compaq to provide high-speed
access for that company’s small-business program….
Apr 04 6:00 PM ET

My spin: DSL providers have a tough way to
go, but I also don’t envy the customer who has to wait weeks and weeks for DSL service,
only to have it cut off sporadically when installed. As this CNet article says, it’s not
OVER for smaller DSL wholesalers or retailers for that matter, but this game is definitely
only for the strong. The indigenous bells hold the best end of the deal – they own the
copper lines.

Brings Leading Payroll Services to Staples’ Small Business Customers Nationwide

(Business Wire)
Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP(R)), the world’s leading provider of integrated human
resources, benefits and payroll services, has teamed with Staples, the $11 billion pioneer
of the office supplies industry, to provide Staples’ small business customers easy
access to comprehensive payroll solutions and tax services.
Apr 03 9:01 AM ET

My spin: keeps moving to offer
a slew of integrated services. ADP congrats on this deal with – a leading
small biz service provider.

Technologies Launches Unique Solution to Help Small Business Service Providers Win
and Retain Customers
(PR Newswire)
The first integrated and customizable eBusiness solution for small business service
providers was launched today by B2SB Technologies Corp.
Apr 03 9:09 AM ET

My spin: While B2SB Technologies does have
a very compelling offering, to say their the first is a stretch. Microsoft’s bCentral and
I’m sure a few others have been doing this also.

SAN FRANCISCO, April 3 /PRNewswire/ — The first
integrated and customizable eBusiness solution for small business service providers
(SBSPs) was launched today by B2SB Technologies Corp. With eBusiness Builder(SM) ( ), the small business
community now has access to online sales and marketing functionality that has previously
only been available to large companies that could afford to license or build expensive
front-office solutions. eBusiness Builder is offered to small businesses via Global 2000
telecommunications companies, financial institutions, Internet service providers and other
SBSPs who license the technology from B2SB Technologies to help their small business
customers find, sell to and manage customers online.

Depot Launches Microsoft’s Bcentral Services On
(Business Wire)
Office Depot, Inc., the world’s largest seller of office products, today announced the
official launch of their exclusive partnership with Microsoft Corp.’s bCentral small-business
Apr 03 8:58 AM ET

My spin: I applaud Office Depot’s
launching some online services with bCentral – nothing wrong with that. HOWEVER, I would
highly encourage Office Depot to get a face lift – their Web site is so badly designed.

Forms Global Team to Focus on Small and Medium Business Market; Company Announces New
Executive, Products and Services
(PR Newswire)…see (1)
IDC Predictions 2001: Big Picture and Small Business, IDC Bulletin #24042 – March
2001 (2) All prices listed herein are U.S. suggested selling prices….- Apr 02 9:00 AM

Unveils New Products, Services and Solutions for Growing Businesses
(PR Newswire)
Compaq Computer Corporation today unveiled in North America a host of ultra-value,
end-to-end products, services and solutions for small and medium sized businesses, giving
them access to the power of the Internet to start, grow and manage their business in
today’s connected business environment.- Apr 02 9:30 AM ET

My spin: Compaq is really trying hard, but
is this is all they can offer

Among the offerings announced today are:
— Net Solutions for Business, a set of integrated,
online tools to help customers use the Internet to run the day-to-day tasks of a growing

My spin: Every body and their mother has got this!
(PS – this is powered by bCentral)

— A new sub-$1,000(2) Compaq ProLiant server, and a
value-priced Armada notebook PC, two Deskpro EX desktop PCs and a Deskpro workstation

My spin: Every PC vendor is lowering prices,
what’s so big about this

— New financing programs for growing businesses
My spin: New financing programs. Is it that

— A time-saving online store called Bequipt, featuring
thousands of industry-wide brand-name peripherals

My spin: So corny…why not just parnter with CDW or
First Source?

— A customizable extranet program called Business
Advantage for SMBs to order directly from Compaq, and

My spin: Way too late Compaq. Dell has had this for

— SMB-tailored service and support programs called
CarePaqs, including a Portable Protection Program.

My spin: This is laughable. Compaq could have saved
money on this press release.

Delivers the Benefits of Broadband to Small Businesses Through Enhanced Sprint ION(R) and
Sprint Business DSL(SM)
(PR Newswire)
Sprint announced today its aggressive plans to roll out enhanced Sprint ION(R) and Sprint
Business DSL(SM) service to small businesses as part of Sprint’s continued strategy to
help small businesses leverage technology as a competitive advantage.
Apr 02 6:01 AM ET

My spin: Sprints on a continuous roll to
provided fixed wireless service..maybe ION is not a pipe dream after all. The connection
is easy, but now for the fancy features and services.,
The Wall Street Journal Center for Entrepreneurs, Offers Expert Guidance and Resources

(Business Wire)
…The Wall Street Journal’s Center for Entrepreneurs, is a free resource for fledgling small-business
owners who want to access expert guidance to help them survive and grow in today’s
competitive business environment….
Apr 03 8:04 AM ET

My spin: – it’s a
pretty nice place.

XP test drive almost free
…Two other versions of Office will be available on new PCs: Small Business and
Professional with Publisher….
Apr 02 1:00 PM ET

My spin: I don’t think I’m going to rush
and by Office XP , but it can’t hurt to try it out for a test spin.

Plans Storefronts To Challenge, Yahoo!
…But Shannon Ledger, Yahoo!’s vice president and general manager of small business,
said the fact that Yahoo! is not only in the commerce space makes it an even stronger
provider of e-commerce services….
Apr 02 10:15 AM ET

My spin: This is very
interesting…Yahoo’s the big gorilla, I wonder how much of this pie Ebay can eat? (I
think a lot….small businesses already are selling online, it’s smart of Ebay to expand
with a store front)

Signs Agreement With Compaq to Offer Growing Businesses Internet and Broadband Services

(Business Wire)
…– which combined with Compaq’s powerful hardware and partner services, provide the
only complete small business IT department without the overhead….
Apr 02 9:34 AM ET

My spin: Maybe this deal will give Covad
some more time and slow or stops its death….

Announces Round C Funding Increase To $ 26 Million
(Internet Wire)
…With VitalLink’s family of Internet-based application services, small business
owners can manage multiple sites from one central location and have instantaneous access
to critical data about sales,…
Apr 02 9:00 AM ET

My spin: NetLedger get’s $30 mil,
VitalLink gets $26 mil….maybe VC’s didn’t learn their lessons…or maybe they did and
these guys are winners!

Inc. Demonstrates Rivio Business Services Suite at Spring ISPCON
(Business Wire)
…each online business center can offer value-added, Web-based Rivio Business Services to
their small business customers….
Apr 02 9:01 AM ET

My spin: It’s to early to tell if Rivio, a
Microsoft bCentral and vJungle competitor and others like them will succeed or fail in the
quest for enough small businesses who will buy their services.

and Team Up to Offer Services
(PR Newswire)
…According to U.S. Small Business Administration, America’s 23 million small
businesses employ more than 50 percent of the private workforce,…
Apr 02 8:08 AM ET

My spin: needs to build up a
base of users to combat the huge lead that Networks solutions has by default.