The Taylor Group to Collaborate with Small Business Administration (Business Wire)
The Taylor Group, the award-winning solutions integration unit of, and a Great Plains reselling partner, has entered into a collaborative educational partnership with the United States Small Business Administration. – Apr 20 4:50 PM ET
My spin: What a coup for the Taylor Group. Small businesses – one million total last year – come to SCORe and ask about e-commerce solutions and the Taylor Group and e-commerce provider gets to help answer the question and find a soltution!
NetLedger Integrates Web Services for Small Firms (Reuters)
Software service provider NetLedger Inc. on Friday released 1 System, its integrated, online small business management package that automates processes from accounting to customer service.
– Apr 20 2:48 PM ET
My spin: From the press release: The integrated system links data from places such as a user’s accounting department, Web site and sales office. That means when a customer purchases something from a user’s Web store, the software automatically creates a sales order, a packing slip for shipping and deducts the item from inventory. The transaction also is entered in sales records and the buyer’s name is added to service records.
As I’m findinging out in some research I’m doing for a MAJOR study about hosted applications, the problem NetLedger will have is getting enough users to pay for its services.
It’s a very smart move for NetLedger to enable it’s users to now use add a custom relations tool that’s integrated within Netledger. CRM is what will defferentiate good companies from great companies