WebsiteChanges Specializes in Helping Keep Small Business Websites Up to Date With an Affordable New Content Management Program (PR Newswire)
Within the past two years, the number of small businesses building websites has exploded. Now that all these sites have been built, someone needs to keep them up to date. “Despite their size and relative simplicity, these small business sites still have to be maintained as products, services and other business information changes,” says Keith West, President of WebsiteChanges.
– Apr 19 5:09 AM ET
My spin: I hate being harsh to upstart companies but Websitecharges is offering a service that there’s hardly any market for. Meaning, yes, Web sites need to be updated, but the tools available to small businesses make it so that they can very easily update their own Web sites already – using products like Microsoft FrontPage, Netobjects Fusion, BigStep, Blogger, Trellix, TMS Publisher and other tools.
To say, “Web designers are focused on creating new sites and major rebuilds, not incremental adjustments to existing sites.”, is crazy. Many Web designers provide tools that users can use to update their own web sits via an admin utility.
I wish WebsiteChanges all the best, but their biz model is flawed.