Always-On First To Offer MicrosoftÆ OfficeÆ XP Subscription Over The Web
ASP Pacesetter Helps Small Businesses Break Out Of Expensive Software Upgrade Cycle
INTERNET WIRE — Always-On, Inc. (, the leading small business application service provider (ASP), is the first to offer Microsoft Office XP via the ASP model. Released May 1 by Microsoft Corporation, Office XP is the company’s next-generation business productivity software suite that replaces the current Office 2000 package. In minutes, small businesses can begin using Microsoft Office XP through Always-On’s affordable Web-based ASP service.
My spin: I wish Always-On, Inc all the best, I really do. Further more, I’m impressed that they can offer Office XP via – but guess what. I can’t see them making much if any money on it. In fact I think they may LOSE money on this offering. ASP’s are great, but I really don’t know if we’re quite yed ready for MS Office via the net. There’s stil plenty of life left in PC’s, servers and traditional networks.