’s assets are being auctioned off. It’s amazing what a company can be reduced to…” The assets for sale include: 1) trademarks, patents and copyrights; 2) registered internet domain names (URLs) of HotOffice; 3) HotOffice source code (the “Assets”). ” The source code fits on 5 DAT tapes and can be installed on about 5 Windowds NT servers. If you want to revive the HotOffice service all you need are these 3 things and according to the legal doc I read, “To correctly resurrect the source code of HotOffice, a buyer of the source code will probably need to contract the services of the engineer and developer of the code who resides in Herndon, Virginia. This engineer may be the only person who can correctly distribute the code among a Microsoft NT distributed network in order to restore the HotOffice product.”