Netscape Bucks Conventional Wisdom, Plans New MagazineBy Kenneth Li
A monthly online magazine seems like a doomed undertaking in this day and age, but that isn’t stopping AOL Time Warner’s Netscape division from launching Netscape Netbusiness, a new monthly online mag geared toward the small business community.
The new publication offers a sneak preview of how the myriad divisions within the AOL Time Warner media goliath will begin playing nice with one another. At launch, Netbusiness will incorporate feature stories from Fortune Small Business, a print magazine created through a partnership between Time Inc. and American Express Small Business Services, with controlled circulation of 1 million. (Formed in 1995 as Your Company magazine, the 10-issues-a-year publication was renamed Fortune Small Business in 1999.) also will contribute content.
My spin: Do we really another small biz mag? NO!. Will this mag succeed? Maybe. One thing is for sure that now AOL and Time Warner can blend together a myriad of content and information – but wil this new mag make money for the mother ship of AOL.

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