NowDocs(TM) and PitneyWorks(SM) Team to Provide Document Printing And Delivery Services to Small Business Market (PR Newswire)
NowDocs(TM), Inc. today announced that Pitney Bowes Small Business Solutions Group will offer NowDocs printing and delivery service for business documents on their small business Web site
– May 15 12:36 PM ET
My spin: Good biz dev – cross marketing…
Loss of Internet Provider Has Businesses Searching for a Link (The New York Times)
Hundreds of New York small business owners still struggle to replace the DSL service they lost when Internet service provider NorthPoint Communications declared bankruptcy last month and shut down its network.
– May 15 11:31 AM ET
My spin: I just ordered DSL form Intercom online for an office I work with in NYC…they did not farm out the DSL line to Northpoint and I am so glad. But for those few unlucky small businesses who have had their DSL providers go out of business, it’s a real PAIN. For anyone who has DSL, always have your old 56K modem and ISP as a back up. If you’ve got 100 employees – this sure won’t do, but for very small 10 person or less businesses, something is better than nothing!
Sage Announces DacEasy Version 11 for Windows (Business Wire)
Sage, a leading provider of business management solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, today announced the release of Sage DacEasy version 11 for Windows.
– May 15 9:08 AM ET
My spin: I really get all warm and fuzzy inside when I see a press release for a product that’s been around for so long! Version 11 – Great job Sage!
OfficeMax and EarthLink to Market a Wide Variety of Internet Services Focusing on Small Business Customers (PR Newswire)
…EarthLink will become OfficeMax’s preferred provider targeting the small business and home office markets….
– May 15 8:24 AM ET
My spin: Well I guess it’s about time that OfficeMax start ramping up its deals and expansion of offline and online services. Staples is far ahead of any of the oline office supply retailers…but there’s plenty of room for any one of them to catch up.
Kurant and Smart Online Team to Deliver E-Business Services to More Than 4 Million Emerging Businesses (Business Wire)
Kurant Corporation, a leading provider of e-business software and services, and Smart Online Inc., a leading provider of Web-delivered software applications that power the start-up, growth and management of small and medium-size enterprises, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver e-business services to Smart Online’s Syndication Partner Network, serving more than four million small-business customers.
– May 15 8:16 AM ET
My spin: I like Smartonline’s wide array of small biz offerings. Kurant’s got a great suite of tools and services for selling online and I think together Smart Online and Kurant make a good team