Launches Small Business Center (PR Newswire)Airborne Express today launched its Small Business Center, and a variety of enhancements to help all business customers speed and simplify the shipping process.
– Jun 14 11:39 AM ET
My spin: “From the carrier’s home page at, business shippers may now access the Small Business Center to sign up for a new account, receive information on product and service options and manage their shipping activity. One of the most helpful additions is a comparative rate analysis tool that gives small business shippers the ability to instantly compare Airborne’s rates to those of other carriers. “Rate comparison can be complicated and confusing,” said Richard Corrado, Vice President of Marketing. “We’ve developed this tool to help small business shippers recognize the real value that Airborne would add to their business, based on their personal shipping needs and our competitors’ published rates.””
“These new tools aren’t just for the small business customer,” added Corrado. – hmmm