Email is (or should) an important role in small businesses – it’s cheap, fast and efficient. Many small businesses have their email hosted by an ISP, however, hosting your own email with your own email server can have some added flexibility and security.
Ipswitch announced today its latest version of IMail Server, an Internet messaging server for small to medium-size companies, ISPs, ASPs and educational facilities. Ipswitch’s IMail Server offers the functionality of larger groupware products without a groupware price tag. The enhanced features of IMail Server 7.0 include:
– Web Calendaring which allows users to better manage their schedules and appointments;
– Three tiered connection levels of SSL allowing administrators more flexibility in managing security levels;
– Real-time usage statistics allowing administrators to pinpoint and troubleshoot issues quicker, monitor the amount of email being sent and reduce spam; and
– Enhanced interfaces ensure greater user confidence and include spell check and the capability to localize the content into German, Spanish, French, Japanese and Korean.
IMail Server is available for a U.S. list price of $995 for the 250-user version, $1,695 for the 1,000-user version and $2,495 for the unlimited version. An e-mail to fax option is an additional $195. Free upgrades to version 7.0 are available to anyone with a valid service agreement. Annual service agreements can be purchased for $345 for the 250-user version, $445 for the 1,000-user version and $745 for the unlimited version.
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U.S. White Box Market Remains Formidable, Accounting for Over 21 % of U.S. PC Shipments in Q1 2001, IDC Says
FRAMINGHAM, Mass., June 27, 2001 ? As competitive consolidation and a demand downturn drastically change the overall PC market landscape, the U.S. white box market remains anchored in a prominent position. According to IDC, these non-branded PCs comprised more than 21% of total U.S. PC volume in Q1 2001.
My spin: Companies who want to expand their reach and sell more products and services must not ignore, but should strongly embrace the channel. Solution providers / vars – close to the ground know their customers the best and companies selling into this space would do well to let trained channel partners lead in providing technology solutions.
First two new top-level domains become operational top-level domains — two of seven new ones approved for addition to the Internet domain name system — were activated today after the U.S. Department of Commerce gave its go-ahead. Get the full story
My spin: It’s too early for me to tell if you should worry about these other domain names.,.info and the others will be as important as the every also. For now though, I’d suggest you try to find a name and if you want to, just for the heck of it, get as applicable. Remember though, in the end it’s not about the top level domain you have, it’s about the overall execution of your biz plan