Next week Homestead will add Web site consulting services to its small business offering, Homestead Professional.
Homestead Professional is a recently launched Web site building service which allows small business, SOHOs and professionals to create state-of-the-art web sites without outsourcing them to costly web designers. Homestead Professional combines Homestead Technologies Web site building software with features such as advanced site creation tools, domain name, email accounts, hosting, marketing and commerce capabilities.
My spin: It’s exciting to see how web hosting companies are really coming alive and adding an array of value added (and non-fee) services to their formerly cheap/free/very low cost services. Big Step is no longer free, Home Stead will now be offering a more expensive and I guess lucrative (more margins) professional web design services; Bizland no longer offers free web hosting and Hypermart (my own web host) now offers fee based hosting services! The industry is changing so fast