Oracle targets small business with Netledger deal ORACLE CORP. (ORCL), breaking from the tradition of developing all its software inhouse, on Tuesday will announce a partnership with NETLEDGER to go after the small and medium-sized business market. Under the deal, Oracle will rebrand Netledger’s suite of financial, marketing and customer applications as its Oracle E-Business Suite for Small Business, and offer it to customers over the Web for a monthly fee of $100. The move is part of Oracle’s push to get more customers to use software as a service over the Internet, rather than buying the applications themselves. (Reuters) Get the full article
Oracle Targets Small Business Market With Oracle Small Business Suite (PR Newswire) Full press release Oracle Corp., the largest provider of software for e-business, today unveiled a new suite of online services aimed at the small business market.
Oracle Targets Small Business With Web-based Services (The Industry Standard) Oracle has extended its online services offering to businesses with under 100 employees with its Small Business Suite, a range of services accessible only via the Web.
My spin: This is definitely good news for NetLedger as it will help ensure their longetivity. Being partnered with a company like Oracle, with deap financial pockets and distribution is good.
EarthLink raises ‘Net service price EARTHLINK (ELNK), the nation’s third largest Internet service provider, announced Tuesday it will raise the price of unlimited-use monthly service by $2 to $21.95. The hike is the company’s first. EarthLink’s rate increase goes into effect in July for new subscribers and in August for current customers. About 3.1 million of the company’s 4.8 million customers will be affected, company spokesman Dan Greenfield said. Customers may choose to pay for a year of service up front and keep the $19.95 rate, he said. The company said the rate increase is necessary for infrastructure investments and equipment upgrades. (AP)
My spiin: Hey, Earthlink’s got to make some money just like everyone else – $2 more is not that much.
Norman Rolls Out Suite of Security Solutions for Small Businesses; Norman Small Business Products Designed for High Performance and Easy Use (PR Newswire) Norman Data Defense Systems, a specialist in the field of data security, announced today that it is now offering a suite of information security solutions that are designed specifically to meet the needs of the small business market. Full press release
My spin:FYI..
NETGEAR and Partner to Bring Anti-Virus Protection and Security to Networking Market (Business Wire) NETGEAR Inc., a provider of small business and home networking products today announced it has signed an agreement with, a leading security Application Service Provider to bring anti-virus protection and security to home and small business networking users.
My spin:Hey – bring anti-virus protection as close to the point of entry as possible and nab the rogue programs BEFORE they even hit the PC!
HomePlug Introduces the Industry’s First High-Speed Powerline Home Networking Specification (PR Newswire) The HomePlug Powerline Alliance, an industry consortium established to provide a forum for the development of an open specification of home powerline networking products and services, today announces the completion and release of its much-anticipated first generation high-speed powerline networking specification.
My spin: So many choices…we’ve got HomePhone line networking, wireless networking (with competing standards – Bluetooth and 802.11b); and Powerline Home Networking. It’s hard to know which one is best – so maybe a combination is needed depending on the particular situation.
New IBM Start Now Solutions Provide Rapid ROI for Small and Medium Businesses (Business Wire) IBM today announced the new IBM Start Now(a) Solutions for e-business, a family of offerings to help small and medium businesses rapidly implement powerful, cost-effective, e-business solutions.
My spin: The most exciting part of IBM’s announcement today (I was there live at the Javit’s press conference) was not so much the offering but that IBM will be tightly partnering with solution providers / VARs to offer the solution directly to small businesses.
“The eight Start Now Solutions, including three Linux-based solutions, fulfill the requirements of e-business–from initial Internet access, through e-mail, research and information, Web site management, simple and complex e-commerce, business intelligence, integrated activities and new business opportunities. “