Some more results of the AOL/Time Warner merger:Here’s what I read in my Fortune Small Business email:
Dear Readers,
I am delighted to announce that Fortune Small Business online has partnered with Netbusiness, which, like FSB, is part of the AOL Time Warner Netbusiness (
New York, NY and Mountain View, CA, June 14, 2001 – FSB: Fortune Small Business magazine and Netscape Communications announced today that will be integrated into the Netscape Netbusiness service, with FSB becoming the siteü±s main editorial content provider of news, features and columns. The move is the latest step by the two AOL Time Warner properties to work together to provide small businesses with an exceptional source of news and information.
FSB is currently working with Netbusiness to produce special daily content packages and Web editorial features for the service that will focus on key small business issues. Much of this content will be distributed across other AOL Time Warner Internet properties, further extending FSB’s reach.
Recent FSB-produced features and packages on Netbusiness address such issues as retirement reform, employee retention, influential small business insiders in Washington, D.C. and the lending process.
My spin: It’s good that AOL has all this content and the reach to spread it over – but does that mean we’ll start seeing the same old editorial all over AOL/TW properties now?