Peachtree Software Receives Award From Smart Computing (PR Newswire)
Peachtree Complete(R) Accounting is the recipient of a Smart Choice Award from Smart Computing Magazine and is featured in the August 2001 edition now available on newsstands.
My spin: Congrats Peachtree..! (Better luck next time to the other financial programs that didn’t get the award)
BizProLink Network Launches New “Private Label” Community Services for Fortune 500 Companies (Business Wire) BizProLink Network – the Internet’s largest network of industry-specific communities for business professionals — today unveiled its “Private Label” program, a brand-new way for mid-sized and large organizations, up to and including Fortune 500 companies, to cost-effectively and efficiently offer their customers ready-made access to the Internet’s widest variety of industry-specific content and communities.
My spin: In my latest report “Online Small Business Services”, I’ve detailed the fast growth of online small business services. Bizprolink has an uphill battle, as do other small biz focused ASP’s. By aggressively targetting mid and large small business services providers (telecom, retailers, banks, and others) and having THEM offer their own cusotmers Bizprolink’s private label offering, Bizprolink makes the hill a little easier to climb!