IBM Delivers Technology and Power to Small Business for Less Than $700 (Business Wire)
IBM today announced the industry’s most powerful small business server that delivers more processing power, along with self management technologies, with prices starting at $699(1).
– Aug 30 5:17 PM ET
My spin: PC prices are falling, if you need some great hardware solutions, now’s the time to grab them while the prices are good!
Business Filings Partners with vJungle to Offer Integrated Incorporation Services to Small Business Owners (Business Wire)
…Business Filings’ incorporation services will be delivered to small business owners through vJungle channel partners such as Office Depot and the US Small Business Administration…. – Aug 30 2:01 PM ET
My spin: I’m glad to see that vJungle still has a heart beat…..while others are dead! Inc. Issues Challenge to Small Businesses (Business Wire) Inc. today issued a challenge to small businesses in the U.S.: if they can’t save your small business money on long distance, they’ll give you $100.
– Aug 29 10:40 AM ET
My spin: FYI…
AmSouth Launches Web Site for Small Businesses (Business Wire)
AmSouth Bank has introduced a new service for small business customers that will give them the resources and information they need to help them reach their full potential.
– Aug 28 1:07 PM ET
My spin: FYI…nothing big here but hot air is nice sometimes.
ADP Delivers on Commitment to Accountants as Strategic Small Business Partners with Introduction of Project A.S.K. (Business Wire)
Recognizing that small businesses rely on accountants as their primary business advisors, Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP(R)) today announced the introduction of Project A.S.K..
– Aug 28 9:08 AM ET
My spin: ADP’s been around for a long time, and I guess they intend to remain the leader in payroll and other services
Oracle Small Business Suite Is the Textbook Way to Run a Successful Small Business (PR Newswire) ) The Oracle Small Business Suite, formerly NetLedger 1 System, is featured in the 16th edition of Fundamental Accounting Principles by Kermit Larson, John Wild and Barbara Chiappetta, and published by McGraw-Hill. – Aug 28 9:00 AM ET
My spin: You can’t say Oracle is not trying…but Intuit and Peachtree have the brand and loyal small biz customer base
Dell Offers Easy Paperless Finance Options for Small Businesses (Business Wire) Dell Financial Services L.P. today announced two new payment options designed to help Dell’s small business customers easily and rapidly obtain the technology they need to manage and grow their businesses.
– Aug 28 9:03 AM ET
My spin:This does look like something Dell would do – easy, simple and web based!
ACT! Posts Record Numbers in Retail and Corporate Licensing Sales (Business Wire) Interact Commerce Corp., the makers of ACT!, the best-selling contact manager, and SalesLogix, the leader in small business and mid-market CRM, today announced that ACT! 2000 took first place on Ingram Micro Inc. – Aug 28 8:01 AM ET
My spin:FYI…
‘Unleashing the Warrior Within…’ Author and Navy SEAL-vet Leads Ground-Breaking Samurai Training for Business Leaders (PR Newswire)
…Machowicz saw the need for such a seminar after being asked by the Wharton School of Business’s Small Business Development Center in Philadelphia, PA to present the workshop,…
– Aug 30 5:07 AM ET
My spin:I like this a lot (I”m a security, military buff)
Corporate America’s #1 Idea Man Shares a Set of Scientific Principles for Dramatically Increasing Odds of Business Success (PR Newswire)
…“Before I am done, every small business owner who wants to grow will know how to,” says Hall, Founder and CEO of Eureka! Ranch innovation… – Aug 30 5:09 AM ET
My spin:FYI…
Gateway’s make-or-break decision (ZDNet)…The small-business market has long been dominated by local resellers who sell brand-name and “white-box,… – Aug 29 5:14 PM ET
My spin:Gateway is a great company and I sure hope they don’t get sold but grow stronger through these tough times. If they are sold, I hope the new buyer makes Gateway better
Opinion: Little Guy Looks for Search Engine Edge (NewsFactor)…One such directory would be the small business section of, where US$199 will gain your company dramatic link-relevancy increases…
– Aug 29 2:11 PM ET
My spin:Some pretty good tips here
NetObjects to Be Listed on OTC Bulletin Board (PR Newswire)
…The market for online Web-based small business services is new and extremely competitive….
– Aug 29 1:05 PM ET
My spin:They’ve been delisted from the stock exchange (NASDAQ?) I hope this doesn’t spell doom…
MAPICS and Interact Commerce Partner to Strengthen CRM Solutions for Mid-Market Manufacturers (Business Wire)
MAPICS Inc., a global provider of collaborative, extended ERP applications for manufacturers, and Interact Commerce Corp., the makers of SalesLogix, the leader in small business and mid-market CRM, and ACT!, the best-selling contact manager, Monday announced a partnership that will expand the CRM capabilities offered through MAPICS ERP for Extended Systems, formally known as Point.Man. – Aug 27 9:04 AM ET
My spin:FYI… Launches Computer Store (Business Wire)
…IBM and Toshiba, the new store offers computer solutions for everyone from small-business owners, families and college students to gamers, road warriors,… – Aug 29 8:06 AM ET
My spin:Amazon is a leader in books…let’s see what it can do with PC’s (but their’s low margins in PC’s)
Opinion: Earth to Microsoft – We’re Not Ready for XP (NewsFactor)…In a typical small-business Windows network, the servers are predominantly PII and PIII machines running NT Server…. – Aug 27 7:04 PM ET
My spin:My sentiments exactly…..