I’m in Pennsylvania now, near Philadelphia and using HP’s OmniBook Xe3. As said in my review, it’s a heavier notebook, at a little over 7 lbs. However, this beauty has everything in it that you could possible want – no need to carry around a bag of attachments.
DELL DROPS LINUX ON PCs Dell Computer says it no longer will offer the option of installing Linux on its PCs, citing lack of consumer enthusiasm for the alternative operating system. “We started offering it about a year ago in anticipation of spill-over demand from servers,” says a Dell spokeswoman. “But we’ve seen pretty flat demand.” Dell will continue to offer workstations and servers featuring Linux software from Red Hat. (Reuters 2 Aug 2001)
My spin: I’m not surprised that Dell’s decided to drop Linux on its PC’s. Frankly there’s not that much demand for Linux systems, especially as compared to Windows OS. For main stream businesses – Windows is the way to go. Now IBM, a few weeks ago announced a major push to Linux – will they change their mind also.
Metricom will shut down its pioneering Ricochet wireless Internet service next week because it has failed to find a buyer for the company, the company
My spin:…and this system was so promising and great. I wish Metricom the best and hope that it’s service can be resurected later on!
said Thursday. August 2, 2001, 9:45 p.m. PT