Intuit Launches QuickBooks Developer Seminar Series (Business Wire)
Intuit Inc. today announced a new seminar series for third-party developers interested in integrating their applications with QuickBooks(R). QuickBooks is Intuit’s leading small business accounting and business management solution with a customer base of nearly three million small businesses.
My spin: As I’ve wrote about before, Intuit is quickly getting a throng of developers to add value to their existing and very famous QuickBooks program, in addition to other applications like QuickBase, it’s database product, I believe, The cost to join the developer network is $1,000 per year and right now there’s over 3,500 members. It’s exciting that small businesses can not only purchase QuickBooks but also have access to some value added tools and services to add to their QuickBooks. Keep an eye on Intuit and their growing army of developers.
Sprint Names Patrick L. O’Malley as New President of Sprint Business Sales and Service Unit (PR Newswire) Patrick L. O’Malley, a recognized leader in developing and marketing networking management services at some of the nation’s largest companies, has been appointed president of Sprint Business — Sprint’s premier business-to-business services unit.
My spin: welcomes Patrick to the small business world….