Small Businesses Not Making Full Use of WebSAN FRANCISCO — About 1.6 million small businesses will launch Web sites in the next year, but many will waste more money than they make.
That’s because a majority of the sites will be little more than electronic brochures gathering dust in cyberspace, says a report out today by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), a major trade group.
So far, 65% of small-company Web sites do not let customers buy online — and that substantially reduces their effectiveness, the NFIB says. Those companies need to invest more in the sites to make them fully functional and profitable.
Reasons: Lack of support, Uncertain payoff, Wrong product
My spin: How true this is…but also maybe small businesses don’t have time to “get on the Web” as they are growing their brick ‘n mortar businesses. Making money on the Web is not easy, but can take a lot of time to do it right. Also – it’s not all about making money, but what about being more efficient, saving time and etc?