Well folks, I think I’ve decided on what I’m going to do. Since I’ve been trying out HP’s OmniBook Xe3 over the past few weeks (to be returned next week), I’ve realized that even thought it’s a little over 7 lbs, it’s well worth purchasing one for myself (I will take a look at IBM, Gateway, Dell or Toshiba also). What I will do is also purchase a Hand Spring Visor Prism (color) (I’ll sell my HandSpring Visor Deluxe) and use that with my Targus portable keyboard for day to day mobile computing – short email, writing articles and etc…
I thought I needed a very light notebook, but realized that with a powerful PDA I can do everything I need to do on the road – pretty much – and rely on a powerful notebook (wht everything – CD-ROM (DVD-ROM – is on this HP beauty), Ethernet card, modem, floppy drive, USB and etc…….for more major tasks like Web access, typing long articles, and etc.

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