Dell Computer Partners With Bibit to Provide Global Payment Capabilities to Call Centers (Business Wire)
Bibit Internet Payments(TM), the leading European Internet payment service provider, today announced it has been selected by Dell Computer Corporation(TM) to provide an integrated global payment platform for its call centers that support Home and Small Business customers in the Europe, Middle East and Africa division. – Oct 23 5:55 PM ET
SOHOware Sees Windows XP and DOCSIS 1.1 Driving Mainstream Subscribers to Cable Data Services (Business Wire)
SOHOware(R) Inc. today said it will support Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP with its suite of residential and small business networking solutions for cable multiple service operators. – Oct 23 3:48 PM ET
Actinic Helps Small E-Businesses Remain Secure–Announces Release of Actinic Catalog and Actinic Business Version 4.1 (Business Wire)
… the first companies to proactively respond to the Microsoft decision by immediately offering small business owners the technology necessary to create a safe and secure shopping environment,…
– Oct 23 11:13 AM ET
My spin:I’ll have a full overview of Actinic later on for Small Business Technology Report Subscribers
SMALL BUSINESS — E-tailers’ Christmas Wish List (Business Week)
Small-business Web site owners share their strategies for making it a merry and profitable holiday season
– Oct 23 10:25 AM ET
MYOB To Present Free Seminars At Apple Stores (Internet Wire)
MYOB US, Inc. is slated to present free informational seminars on how MYOB AccountEdge can help a small business be more successful and tips on how to use the product most advantageously. – Oct 23 7:00 AM ET
CRM for Small Biz, Part 2: Things Besides Size That Matter (NewsFactor)
In Part 1 of this 2-part series on customer relationship management for small business, explored the reasons why large, complex systems are the best choices for large, complex companies — and hardly anyone else. Part 2 goes deeper into the evaluation process to identify the considerations that are most crucial for smaller companies.
– Oct 22 6:57 PM ET
Opinion: I’m Not a Number, Except for My E-Mail Address (NewsFactor)
… some Web-based e-mail accounts at generic hosts such as Hotmail or Yahoo!, just because some small business owners are not aware that they can now have an e-mail address that reflects their own domain…
– Oct 23 6:42 PM ET
My spin:Although this is elementary for most people, I thought it was a good reminder for those businesses that stil have a email address!
Trellix Web Site Publishing Technology Now Within Reach Of Small ISPs And Hosting Companies (Internet Wire)
… web site building solutions at a cost that supports easy entry into the rapidly expanding small business services market…. – Oct 23 11:15 AM ET
My spin:Trellix once again continues to innovate and with this latest move expand their market share and revenue base!
Gifts In Kind International and IBM Launch Nationwide Program to Help Nonprofit Organizations Obtain New Technology (Business Wire)
…” said Jay Nalli, vice president, small business, Americas, IBM….
– Oct 23 10:59 AM ET Offers Rebuilding Aid to Companies Victimized in World Trade Center Attack (PR Newswire)
…Marketboy Inc. is working with the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and other small business organizations to reach out to WTC companies with the offer….
– Oct 22 2:32 PM ET
My spin:Marketboy is also an advertiser of