Interact Commerce Announces: ACT! Delivers Nine Small Business Solutions, Bundled for Enhanced Productivity (Business Wire)
Interact Commerce Corporation, the makers of ACT!, the best-selling contact manager, and SalesLogix, the leader in small business and mid-market CRM, today announced the availability of nine integrated packages to assist small business owners in enhancing productivity.
Oct 03 9:02 AM ET

My spin: ACT is one of those software tools that many a productive small business owner has. It’s wonderful to see that Interact is increasing the product line with INTEGRATED solutions -and these are pretty cool and productive solutions too.
Punch Networks Brings Internet File Management Services To IBM’s Small Business Customers (Internet Wire) Punch Networks Corp., a pioneer in Internet file management applications, announced that its product, Punch WebGroups, is now available to the thousands of visitors to IBM Web site’s Small Business Center,
Oct 02 10:59 AM ET

My spin: I’m not sure what the details of this deal were, but this deal sure gives Punch a wider audience and adds value to IBM’s services (and more
revenue I gues too!).

SMALL BUSINESS — Get Smart Fast — Or Else (Business Week)
Small Business: MARKETING By Theresa Forsman in New York In the seven years since Ellen Bristol started her… – Oct 02 10:00 AM ET

My spin: FYI…
OUTSIDE THE BOX: eBay vs.Amazon—The Race is On, Shelly Souza (
… partners: other enterprise companies and corporations. eBay, the largest Internet community for small business, has been expanding its efforts to move from a largely home-based operation to an Internet… – Oct 03 6:29 PM ET

My spin: Hmmm, so I guess Amazon and eBay are now considered competition…
Wells Fargo Puts Information Online at Business Owners’ Fingertips
(PR Newswire)
Wells Fargo today introduced a new online tool that enables small business owners to find information on money, management, marketing, technology and legal issues about their businesses.
Oct 01 11:16 AM ET

My spin: Wells Fargo is a financial instituion and the more tools and resources it can make available to its customers within it’s own space – the better.
AltiGen Communications Named One Of Silicon Valley’s Fastest Growing Technology Companies In Deloitte & Touche’s Fast 50 Program (Internet Wire)
AltiGen Communications, the market leader in IP-PBX phone systems for small and mid-sized business, has been named to Deloitte & Touche’s prestigious "2001 Technology Fast 50" Program for Silicon Valley, a ranking of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in the area.
Oct 01 5:59 AM ET

My spin: AltiGen’s ben serving the small biz community for many years with its telecom solutions – it’s nice to see that their recognized as a fast growing tech comapny!

(New York Post)
Key officials in Mayor Giuliani’s administration hit the ceiling
last week when Gov. Pataki announced the creation of a "Small Business Recovery Center" for displaced World Trade Center-area businesses – in Westchester County.
Oct 01 2:26 AM ET

My spin: FYI…
Prodigy Responds to SBC Offer (Business Wire)
…ProdigyBiz offers a powerful suite of specially designed Internet products and services for small business owners….
Oct 02 4:49 PM ET

My spin: FYI…
Proxim Ships Symphony HomeRF, Delivering an Interference-Resistant, 10 Mbps Wireless Networking Solution for
the Home
(Business Wire)
… of experience designing and building wireless broadband networking solutions for the home, small business, enterprise and service provider markets….
Oct 02 8:01 AM ET

My spin: Wireless vendors have claimed that their products work just fine..but I guess this announcement speaks for itself and now Proxim has an "interferance resistant" wireless networking solution.
PayPal To End Dot-Com IPO Drought (NewsFactor)
…Targeting Small BizIn its IPO filing, PayPal said it also wants to grow its share of the online small business market….
Oct 01 1:08 PM ET

My spin: PayPal (and ) are great services for paying online!
Prodigy Increases Monthly Rate for Dial Internet Service (Business Wire)
…ProdigyBiz offers a powerful suite of specially designed Internet products and services for small business owners….
Oct 01 8:19 AM ET

My spin: Listen folks, either ISPs are going to gradually raise prices OR we’re not going to see many flat fee and eat as much as you want deals, but straight metered service will be coming.
Quantum Tech’s Six Steps to Safe Backups (Business Wire)
It is estimated that less than ten percent of small businesses, and even fewer home-based businesses, properly protect their computer data. Proper backups can insure that your business survives computer-related disasters no matter how big or small.
Sep 28 12:29 PM ET

My spin: FYI…
Oracle Small Business Suite Wins Forbes Best Of The Web– Twice (Internet Wire)
…– ( ) The Oracle Small Business Suite was once again named as Best of the Web by Forbes in the September 10,…
Sep 27 9:00 AM ET

My spin: FYI…
Yahoo hints at Web-based office tools (CNET)
…The addition of Web-based office tools would extend Yahoo’s foray into small-business and office products…. – Sep 27 9:59 PM ET

My spin: Hmm, so yahoo may start offering some fee based office tools…will users want these services? Should competitors worry?
Hackett Media Launches Permission and Opt-in eMail Division (Business Wire)
…Hackett Media has expanded its online small business services to include permission email marketing management and services….
Sep 27 12:46 PM ET

My spin: FYI…