Windows XP LaunchWell I”ve just taken a break from the massive Windows XP launch at the Marriot Marquis.
Bill Gates, Chairman and Chief Software Architect, and Jim Allchin, Group Vice President, Platforms Group were on hand with several other executives (Adobe, Corel, Symantec, Groove Networks, Canon, and more….) to launch Windows XP (media only).
As expected, there was no new (or at least nothing major) product launches at this event but the main thing the vendors were showing was that they are all compatible with Windows XP.
If you get a new PC thats comes with Windows XP built in you’ll do just fine, but if you want to upgrade your PC, you’ll have to make sure a) it’s got the latest and greatest hardware – ensure your hardware is on Microsoft’s hardware compatibility list and it’ll work with Windows XP. b) Of course you’ve also go to understand that older software MAY not work with Windows XP so make sure you’ve got compatible software. c) make sure your hard drive is HUGE (I would say have 2 GB free) and plenty of RAM (128MB, but I guess you could get buy with 64-96MB)
I”ve been using Windows 2000 professional for several months now and am VERY happy with it…and probably won’t upgrade to Windows XP any time soon if at all. But if you are sitll using Windows 98 or 95, Windows XP offers some new features that may be very useful for you. Many of Windows XP features are not features exclusive to Windows (firewall, CD burning, Internet sharing, media tools, etc) but are integrated into the operating system and at least make it easy(ier) for new users to get more from their PCCheck out my full review and suggestions about Windows XP though and of course Microsoft has their own info too!
PS: I think homes users, who are not “technically literate”, but are advanced SOHO users of technology such as a home office workers, those playing a lot of games and using feature rich multi-media will find Windows XP and associated applications easier to use and more feature rich.