Comdex issued a report Small Business Home Office vs. Commercial Office Workers
Here’s a summary of some of the stats:
The average number of employees for home office workers is 6 and they’ve been in biz for 7 years on average, annual IT budget of $622,329, and 28% of them have a primarily online business.
51% of SOHO workers want to remain small, while 69% of corp office workers have a goal for moderate growth.
Hi cost is the biggest roadblock to implementing new technologies, with not enough time, lack of understanding of technology to effectively apply the new tech in businss, justifying the expense of tech (clear ROI) being some of the next road blocks in implementing new technologies
SOHO workers invest in computer systems while commercie office workers invest in Web products and services – interesting. 19% – SOHO | 7% Commerce – for Comptuer systems (the first number will be SOHO 2nd number will be commercial) – 17% / 23% Web products/services; 15% / 18% software platforms / development environments; and more…
What SOHO workers want most || — reliable products (61%); long term product support (52%) ; solutions designed for small businesses (33%) ; staff availability for questions and support (30%); thorough understanding of my business (3%0); education about product-services offering (3%0) ; guidance; convenience (24%) ; service programs (7%) ; bundling of products/services (6%) ; reliable credit (4%) ; streamlining lending approval decisions (0%); other (0%).
The final tid bit of info gleaned from the Gomdex report was that SOHO workers prefer retail stores, while commercial workers buy from resellers. Resellers (36% vs 46%); Retail Stores (49% vs 38%), Manufacturer (39% vs 39%), Wholesalers (43% vs 42%), Other (7% vs 9%)