PC MARKET STILL WAITING FOR WINDOWS XP BOOST Market research firm NPD Intelect says that personal computer sales in retail stores rose only 1% in the week after the October launch of Microsoft’s new Windows XP operating system, and climbed only 2% the second week. Will things change? Industry analyst Toni Duboise of ARS admits, “We’re looking at a pretty lackluster holiday” as far as PC sales are concerned, but adds: “It’s definitely a good time to buy,” because of all the deals being offered by companies such as Dell, Circuit City, Gateway, and many others. (USA Today 26 Nov 2001)
My spin:Did they really think Windows XP would be a big boost……? It’s not all that revolutionary, and you can get it many of its features buy adding some new software. For buyers of NEW PC’s it’s ok, but for those who have PC’s – many of them can’t even buy Windows XP as their “old” hardware won’t support it well. I know this from 1st hand experience