Ziff Davis Smart Business had a nice list of tools to add to your e-commerce web site:
6 EASY WAYS TO KEEP CUSTOMERS COMING BACK. Check out these Web tools to help your customers find what they’re looking for, see products in greater detail, and customize their shopping experience.
AMAZIA GIFT CONNECT (http://www.gift-connect.com) Bottom Line: An online gift certificate service for small to midsize sites that can’t afford expensive alternatives.
Customers: JamQuest.com, Kwim-V.com On-line Music Warehouse
(Smallbiztechnology.com use this) ATOMZ SEARCH (http://www.atomz.com) Bottom Line: A comprehensive search feature that helps
customers find exactly what they want while shopping. Best for e-commerce sites with extensive inventory.
Customers: ConsumerReview.com, Macromedia, Palm, Seattle, Opera, WebEx
BE FREE BSELECT (http://www.befree.com) Bottom Line: For well-established sites looking to create a
more intimate shopping experience, it serves up personalized pages and offers based on customers’ browsing and buying
habits. Customers: Ajunto, uSubscribe.com, Xerox
FIDESIC (http://www.fidesic.com) Bottom Line: Lets you offer multiple payment options without
incurring expensive bank and credit card fees.
Customers: Bigstep
CLIENTIZE.COM (http://www.clientize.com) Bottom Line: Creates online customer surveys and feedback
forms to zero in on your market or refine your product offerings.
Customers: Enterprise Development, Folio: Magazine, Institutional Shareholder Services
POINT CLOUD (http://www.pointcloud.com) Bottom Line: Creates and hosts 3D interactive photos of your
products. A must-have for e-stores with inventory that requires close scrutiny.
Customers: Greenfield Online, MySimon, ShopNBC