Archive of December 2001

Oracle updates its Small Business Suite – hosted application In the sales force automation and customer support management components of the suite, new reporting features and analysis capability have been added, Oracle said. Another new feature is a storage and attachment tool that uploads documents and places them in folders. Those folders then can be […]

Palm – doing better in 2002 (it hopes) The NY Times is reporting that Palm plans to spin off its software division next year and profit from its competitors by licensing (more) software to them. In addition, Eric Benhamou said Palm will introduce more and better products, including a wireless e-mail device, trun a profit […]

From Anchor Desk: Why your Windows should be XP You guys are Microsoft shills. Hey, how much is Gates paying you? Conflict of interest! Microsoft advertises on ZDNet! OK, now that we’ve gotten that out of your systems for you, we can report that despite what you Microsoft haters would like to hear, Windows XP […]

Yahoo buys HotJobs for for $436 Millions TMP Worldwide, owners of competitor had offered stock for HotJobs worth about $12.20 per share when the deal was offered, according to the NY Times, but their stock slid to $9.19 per share. So Yahoo took advantage of that and offered $10.50 a share to HotJobs stock […]

Biz dev: Nstein to Maximize the Value of Bizjournals’ Web-Based Content () MONTREAL, Dec. 27 /CNW/ – Nstein Technologies Inc. “Nstein” (CDNX: EIN – news), a Montreal-based developer of innovative linguistic intelligence business solutions, has entered into an agreement with “Bizjournals” to enrich the user experience. Bizjournals is a subsidiary of American City Business […]

Hewlett Aims to Replace the Print ShopNY Times has a good story on how HP wants to grow its printing business and wants Compaq to grow its PC business.

Web Hosting Company Micron Electronics (and now Interland) sold its Micron PC Division to Gore Technology Group a Los Angelest based acquisition and management company in 1 June 2001. But I’m glad the now privately held Micron PC has reported its first profitable quarter in 2 years and by staying lean will. In the NY […]

Freedom Technology Media Group (FTMG), ceases publishing Small Business Computing Magazine ….. My spin:It’s sad but true, the great Small Business Computing Magazine is now gone. FTMG had to cut this pub to make the rest of the company more profitable. 13 positions were lost – amongt them peolpe I had come to know and […]

The NY Times had a very good article on the rise of Bluetooh, a wireless standard for short-distance communication between devices such as cell phones, pagers, PDA’s, computers and other devices.