Freedom Technology Media Group (FTMG), ceases publishing Small Business Computing Magazine …..
My spin:It’s sad but true, the great Small Business Computing Magazine is now gone. FTMG had to cut this pub to make the rest of the company more profitable. 13 positions were lost – amongt them peolpe I had come to know and work with.
Business Week had a nice overview of Neoteris, makers of a turnkey remote access solution. It costs from $15K – $65,000.
According to Business Week: “The key advantage for Neoteris is that its products are easy to install. Because they’re self-contained and fit into already-existing networks, it takes just hours to get going. In contrast, it can take weeks or even months to install VPN technology throughout a corporation. With VPNs, each employee’s notebook computer or home computer must be loaded with special software. And, if any changes are necessary, each computer has to be upgraded with new software. “