MYOB Business Center launched (MacCentral)MYOB US has launched the first phase of their new MYOB Business Center, which is designed to offer an environment from which small business owners can access or locate the tools they need to operate their companies strategically, intelligently and successfully for long-term growth, according to company spokesperson Jennifer Lee.
– Nov 30 5:34 PM ET
Excite Internet Service Given Go-Ahead to Unplug (Reuters)…– who represent about 45 percent of the cable modem users in North America, including small-business owners, telecommuters and students -… – Nov 30 11:07 PM ET
My spin: Excite was a great idea…but it’s gone (or almost gone) now. I hope those who have been affected by their service termination, mainly AT&T customers get up again soon, especially businesses.
ZDNet had some “pre-shutdown” analysis of Excite@Home