From ZD Net: Despite announcing plans to eventually exit the traditional handheld organizer market, Handspring is trying to reassure developers it is not doing so anytime soon.
“We will continue to manufacture and sell Visor products as long as there is sufficient demand and we are able to build them,” Handspring co-founder and Chief Product Officer Jeff Hawkins said last week in a letter to developers, which has since made the rounds on various handheld enthusiast sites. “It is natural that as demand dictates, we may reduce the number of (products) and the geographies and channels in which they are available.”
My spin: So what’s going to happen. Will the Visor line be discontinued – will Handspring cease to exist. Who knows? PDA vendors have to find a way to make money and it looks like their current strategies are not enough. They are moving to wireless connectivity -for its higher magins I guess and don’t want to alienate the loyal base they’ve built up in other products. But what to do if those other products are not making money?
I love my Visor Prism and am glad I bought it!