I interivewed Alan Meckler head of Internet.com last week about the online advertising market, content based web sites and other things as a follow up to his purchase of Small Business Computing Magazine. He talked about how it’s not how many page views you have but loyal readers, quality and content and more vertical, niche orientated. Specifically saing that Yahoo was a failed business model. True they have tons of page views, but they are too broad. If you were looking for flyfishing informaiton – would you go to flyfishing.com or flyfishing.yahoo.com? Go figure.
My full interview with Alan will be online for Small Business Technology Report readers later this week.
It was ironic to read in today’s NY TimesYahoo’s CEO Tony Semel talk about how Yahoo is going to change…similar to what Alan was saying they needed to do – get more niche orientated and develop more quality content.