Linux software for accounting and collaboration

Appgen to make MyBooks Accounting and Collaborative Commerce Platform software available to Linux OS users. Powerful accounting software will enable Linux-based businesses to affordably plug into the new economy’s enterprise applications for $99
My spin:Even though Linux is not nearly as mainstream as Microsoft Windows suite of applications (MS branded and those made for the Windows environment) I’m starting to see signs of it’s inreasing growth, such as this news item today. Maybe one day the average small business can stock their entire business with a Linux based solution.
Designed specifically for small businesses, the MyBooks accounting platform is an easy upgrade from spreadsheet accounting. It is the cornerstone of Appgen’s full line of financial software, and has been developed to serve the smallest to the largest business operations. MyBooks, like the vast majority of other Appgen applications, provides multi-platform support for Linux and portability to other platforms like MAC OS X. UNIIX and Windows. MyBooks also provides an audit trail and makes use of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) to validate, simplify and protect a business. It offers a simple import function for users of QuickBooks products. It is modifiable with developer support, enabling users to tailor MyBooks to meet their own specific business needs. My Books is scalable and can serve a one-person office to a 100-user enterprise. MyBooks enables even the smallest of companies to conduct eBusiness and plug into larger enterprise applications like CRMs with modular simplicity as the business expands and seeks to conduct collaborative commerce.