NYT: Today Bloomingdales.com starts to shut down
Are there any lessons here for small businesses to learn? Bloomingdales had the money, the technology, the products, the support they appear ot have had it all. What could have gone so wrong?
Here’s one answer:
The main problem, Ms. Robertson said, was that Bloomingdales.com customers were more inclined to browse than to buy. She declined to offer many reasons, although she indicated that the relatively limited merchandise assortment was one issue. Bloomingdales.com has about 40,000 different items, while Macys.com, which analysts say is performing well, has nearly double that selection.
Ms. Robertson said she thought it was “a brilliant decision” to eliminate transactions from the Bloomingdale’s site. The site will now primarily feature editorial content and photos on select merchandise from the stores, as well as information about coming promotional events and sales. Customers will also be able to use the site to type in orders from the Bloomingdale’s catalog and link to its bridal registry which is operated with WeddingChannel.com.