Verizon’s high speed wireless Internet service
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Verizon Wireless, the largest wireless carrier in the United States, is expected to announce today the availability of the nation’s first commercial “third-generation” wireless service, which would provide users with fast access to the Internet through cellphones, people close to the company said.
In a North American first, Sierra Wireless announced today the commercial availability of the Sierra Wireless AirCard 555 – the new High-Speed Wireless Modem for Verizon Wireless’ new 1xRTT “Express Network” launched today. The Sierra Wireless AirCard 555 is the first dual band CDMA 1xRTT PC Card in North America, and provides laptop or PDA users with instant access to their most essential information (including corporate email, documents, applications, and the Internet), just like they’d have at the office, only wirelessly, anytime, anywhere.