Everdream, tech outsourcer, gains Teamster’s Local 852

San Leandro’s Teamster’sLocal 853 turned to Everdream to optimize the performance of their organizations’information technology(IT), computer services, and desktop applications,as they found themselves spending too much time looking after their informationsystems.
Everdream’s gaining of Teamsters shows once again that small businesses want to concentrate on their business and not on the technology needed to run that business.
I don’t know if I agree with the following clip from the press release about technology consultants though:
Before Everdream, San Leandro Teamster’s Local 853 worked closely witha value added reseller who provided the organization with a very costly hardware, software and support package.
Mabye Teamsters should have looked for another consultant? I know many consultants who offer great outsourced solutions – Scot Wolpow (scott@wolpow.com ), Lynn Berstein (lynn@ecgincc.com ) and many others.
It is true however that manysmaller businesses have someone (a secretary, a techie, the boss….) who “handles” the technology from day to day. Using this solution while enabling the small business to get buy is not as good as having an expert hanlde the technology – be it from a company like Everdream or a GOOD technology consultant.