Gateway – low cost security

Gateway’s launching a low cost, on site security audit and report for small businesses. At $199 an expert will come to your business and inspect the security of your system(s). You will then receive a detailed report of how secure your business is and then can decide to get additionl software/hardware/services to make your site more secure.
Following the audit, the Gateway technician will provide a complete report outlining the findings of the evaluation as well as a security assessment that covers potential issues, ratings of each specific area reviewed, customized recommendations, general tips for enhancing security and a glossary of security terms. At the customer’s request, the technician can then develop a customized security solution — including software and hardware to support security compliance, password protection, firewalls, virus detection and removal, network security, remote access, physical protection of equipment, data back-up and data recovery. Plus, Gateway can manage all aspects of installation and support — so businesses have a single, trusted point of contact for their security solution.
My spin: Gateway is closing down on underperforming Gateway stores, selling services in shrink wrapped boxes and now selling security audit services and products – is this enough to increase Gateway’s revenues?