Internet World Wireless East – Feb 2002

IWWE was small (as many other trade shows were), about 40 vendors were exhibiting and there was not the crush of traffic I’ve seen at other trade shows. The “down” economy probably contributed to the low numbers but also wireless is not a mass tech industry type interest as “Internet World” or “PC Expo” would be. Of course millions use cell phones, but only those really interested in purchasing or learning more about the business use of wireless applications and solutions would visit IWWE.
SprintPCS had such an ugly booth – black with silver edges and few logos/graphics – like a large coffin!
IW Wireless East was co-located with Pocket PC NY so there was a heavy Microsoft (and partner) presence.
IW had several companies offering custom wireless applications, hardware devices, carriers, and other solutions.
I’ll have a full list of companies offering selected small biz solutions at IWWE but here’s the winner of the
PrinterOn enables wireless users to print to a growing network of public and privately accessible printers. In addition Printeron has a feature that lets you fax a document to any fax machine (you supply the fax number – like
Let’s say you are in New York and need to print a document. Log onto, find a printer near you and print! Or you could have a document faxed to the nearest fax machine.
Printeron has only been operating for a few weeks so the list of available printers is not extensive. However, if Printeron can continue to build up its network of available printers, espcially in major metropolitan areas this service could become very widely used. Right now there’s not many printers available.
The other interesting thing is that companies can have Printeron connect their own printers to the ‘net and give their employees private access to printers with full control over who prints, how many pages and etc. There’s many interesting solutios available