ISP – press release: dial up is better than broadband

When I read the press release issued by Mt. Vernon, Ohio ISP I had to re-read it to make sure I wsa reading it properly.
The first paragraph states: Mount Vernon, OH – For years, forecasters have predicted explosive growth in broadband Internet use.
But, with many former broadband subscribers returning to their basic dial-up Internet, their prediction has yet to materialize. High prices and lack of content have led many of these users to discover that they just don’t need broadband.

Dial-up access to the Internet at 56kbps is no comparision to broadband internet access and to say there’s no “content” is crazy. If by content means Blockbuster does not yet have millions of videos available online for downloading, then is correct. But being able to even view my daily dose of MSNBC, NYTimes and 10 other web sites so much faster than a dial-up connectio is worth the cost. I haven’t even mentioned video conferencing, faster download of programs and etc.
I understand and maybe other dial-up ISPs want to get more of a share of online users however broadband, not dial up is the way to go unless you’re talking about as a fall back plan.