The New York Times had a nice article about how a senior executives, often older men, who never learned to use technology are now being forced to use technology – by choice or by force.
One exec uses voice dictation software to help him use his PC. Another one never had to use a PC – as secretaries did all the work many years ago , but now he sees the benefits of technology.
NY Times had another great article about how IBM’s new CEO Samuel Palmisano is going to look for new ways to increase IBM’s revenue and grow while keeping at bay competitors. Dell is strong and is surgically focused on selling low cost PC’s – while at the same time quietly building up its services.
HP and Compaq – if the mnerger goes through hope to combine their PC selling might with a revenue boosting services division.
Gateway – their floundering but have as much chance at succeeding at anyone else.
MicronPC – although small right now and no huge competition for IBM can grow and claim a market share of PC’s.
VARs are a toss up and IBM should continue to stronly court them and have them on IBM’s side of the fence as much as possible.
I’ve used Corel’s Word Perfect for years – over 10 and love it. So it saddened me today to read in the
NY Times
that they’re not doing so well.
MSNBC had a nice article on deducting PC’s from your tax return