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Dell: Expert on Lower Pricing

Dude, you’ve got new Dell pricing (ZDNet) Last year, Dell cut its PC prices relentlessly. In 2002, pressured by rising component costs, it’s taking another tack: tweaking configurations of existing machines to avoid upping prices. My spin: Dell never ceases to amaze me – it’s really serious about cutting prices and offering low cost but […]

Corel does it again – with Sony!">Corel does it again – with Sony!

Ottawa, Canada – March 27, 2002 – Corel Corporation (NASDAQ: CORL, TSE: COR) today announced a strategic agreement with Sony Electronics Inc. which will enable it to include WordPerfectÆ Office 2002 on all Sony VAIOÆ desktop and select models of VAIO laptop personal computers sold in North America. Sony VAIO customers will receive an office […]

Verisign: Is it stealing customers

I’ve registered one of my domain names via the domain name registrar (it’s only $10 per year). Today I got this notice from GoDaddy: Please be aware that Verisign, Inc. (formerly Network Solutions) is sendingvia the US Mail, what we believe to be deceptive and predatory domainexpiration notices. The purpose behind these notices is […]

Microsoft Great Plains Convergence

Convergence 2002 is an annual love fest of MS Great Plains customers, partners, resellers and employees – gathered together in a four day conference to learn about technology solutions for small businesses – I assume with a focus on Great Plains software. The first conference in 1986 drew 100 customers, this year 3,000 are expected […]

Warning: Visor Edge and Canon F50 printer problem

Warning: Visor Edge synchronizing software and Canon F50 printers From a “Technology and Your Business” Reader: Jennifer A Caputo Wallace , JCM, Inc. I have a Visor Edge, and I love it. I recently purchased a new Cannon F50 all in one printer, scanner, fax, copier, which I am also very happy with. Unfortunately, the […]