Corel’s Word Perfect is on HP Business and Consumer PC!

I love it when smaller guys get good deals!! I’ve used Corel Word Perfect for over 15 years and love it!
Ottawa, Canada – March 25, 2002 – Corel Corporation (NASDAQ: CORL, TSE: COR) today announced that its WordPerfectÆ suite of software will be bundled across Hewlett-Packard Company’s (HP) home and business PCs.
A trial version of WordPerfectÆ Office 2002 is included on HP Pavilion desktop PCs for the North American market. The trial version gives consumers a chance to use and evaluate Corel’s globally recognized office suite for a 30-day period. Following the trial period, users can quickly and easily purchase a full version of the product by utilizing an innovative “unlocking” technology accessible on their desktops or by visiting Corel’s e-store.
WordPerfect 9, the award-winning word-processing program, is included with HP Pavilion ze1000 series notebook PCs sold in North America. Additionally, HP Pavilion ze1000 and HP Pavilion zt1000 series notebook PC owners have the opportunity to upgrade to WordPerfect Office 2002 through a special in-box promotional offer.