A PC like you’ve never seen..

CNet: First there was the pocket calculator. Then there was the pocket organizer. And if start-up OQO gets its way, the next big thing will be the pocket PC.
The Seattle-based company is showing off a full-fledged “ultra personal” computer this week at Microsoft’s WinHEC 2002 conference. The computer is slightly thicker but roughly the same size as handhelds currently coming out from Palm or Hewlett-Packard.
The major difference is that the OQO device, which will come out in the second half of the year for around $1,000, is a complete Windows XP computer. Along with Windows, it will come with a 5800 Crusoe processor from Transmeta, a 10GB hard drive, 256MB of memory, connection ports for FireWire and USB (universal serial bus), and wireless networking connections through either WiFi or Bluetooth.

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