Peachtree and Act! hookup

For those of you who use contact management king Act! you now have a reason to use accounting program Peachtree. For those using Peachtree you know have a reason to use Act. For those who use both – you’ve got double happiness.
Peachtree Software and Interact Commerce Corporation, leading providers of accounting and relationship management software for small to mid-sized companies, respectively, today announced the availability of Peachtree Contact Manager Powered by ACT!. “
“Based on the award-winning ACT!Æ software from Interact Commerce, Peachtree Contact Manager enables small businesses to share vital customer information between their accounting and contact management programs. This tight integration between the two programs gives small businesses a more concise and accurate view of their customersó from sales and payment histories to available credit balances óand with synchronization, saves valuable time by eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. “