Virus – I was hit

Well to my shame I was hit (not my personal PC that I use so much – but the PC of my colleague was badly hit, our server and some other PCs) with the dreaded Klez virus!
Why? Well the virus came out like 17 April, and I only updated my virus definitions once per month – hence I was vulnerable.
So to remedy this problem I try to remember to download the virus updates once per day – AND point all the client PCs to the server to retrieve this updated file.
The amazing thing was that a) I was trying to install Norton but it kept generating error messages (known ones) when I installed it b) furthermore the virus kept attacking Norton Anti-Virus! c) thirdly I could boot up to safe mode and get rid of the virus – but then reinstalling Norton AV would not work.
So I bought a copy of McAfee online and guess what – the virus messaged it up! This was Friday.19 April 2002
On Monday, 22 April 2002, < href-="">Norton’s Symantec Anti-Virus Research Center (FINALLY) had a tool available to get rid of this dreaded Klez virus and it worked just fine. Then I reinstalled Windows 2000 on the one PC that was most infected and things are pretty much ok. The only problem is that hundreds of files are corrupted so I’ve got to install server files and some client PC files!