Archive of May 2002

Bluetooth vs. WiFi: Why it’s NOT a death match

Anchor Desk:Does the world really need two wireless networking technologies? Bluetooth and WiFi (aka 802.11b) have both been much in the news lately. Of the two, WiFi got the fastest start. But Bluetooth is gaining traction in the marketplace; Microsoft, for example, has announced that it will build native Bluetooth support into a future version […]

Gateway Adopts Tough Attitude Under Waitt as Its Sales Tumble: Can a pony-tailed computer guru change his management spots? Ted Waitt is trying.

WSJ: The co-founder and chief executive of Gateway Inc. has long been centrally involved in most of the personal-computer maker’s decisions, from its advertising selection to corporate partnerships. But Gateway’s losses are piling up and its market share is falling, indicating that the old ways aren’t working. Now, Mr. Waitt is making a battlefield conversion. […]

Handspring shows off a new pair of Treos

CNet: The Mountain View, Calif.-based device maker began selling the Treo 270 and Treo 90 on its Web site Monday. As previously reported, the Treo 270 is similar to the already available Treo 180, which is a combination cell phone and organizer, and also boasts a color display. The device comes with 16MB of memory […]

Information Week: Hidden Value of IT in Business

Information Week: Research presented last week at an MIT conference for CIOs shows that aligning IT spending with corporate culture and practices-as GM does-can result in a highly productive and innovative “digital organization.” Companies that use technology to promote open information access, distribute decision making, and continually train employees cultivate intangible assets, such as better […]

Microsoft, Verizon Wireless Form Exclusive Deal

NY Times: The software giant and Verizon Wireless, the nation’s No. 1 wireless telephone company, on Thursday said they signed an exclusive deal to develop and market jointly wireless data services such as content from the Microsoft Network, Windows- based wireless devices and business applications. The deal would allow Microsoft and Verizon Wireless to extend […]

Startup builds a miniature PC

ZD Net: Antelope Technologies will build hand-size PCs based on a computer design from IBM as the mini-mini-mini-computer market takes shape. The Denver-based start-up is going to build PCs that are roughly the same size and shape as handhelds from Palm and Compaq Computer. The design of the Mobile Computer Core (MCC), the name of […]

Sprint Resilient After Collapse Of WorldCom Deal

When Sprint Corp.’s merger with WorldCom Inc. was blocked by regulators in the summer of 2000, Sprint chief executive William T. Esrey was angry and frustrated that his $129 billion deal had been derailed by bureaucrats. “If those were the issues that would have overwhelmed the new company, then we are certainly better off,” Esrey […]

NeuStar Slashes Staff Again

From Newsbytes: NeuStar Inc. – the Washington-based operator of the “dot-biz” and “dot-us” Internet suffixes – laid off another 40 employees this week and revealed plans to consolidate its two corporate offices into one. “It was a fantastic business for a few years when no one in the world had a domain name and everybody […]