Car retailers can now easily sell online with Auto Sales Database from Xara Online

Xara Online announced the release of its Retailer web Auto Sales Database – a system that enables vehicle retailers of any size to transform their online presence. By easily integrating with their existing website, retailers can now efficiently present their vehicle stock to potential buyers online. Visitors to the site will be able to carry out searches, view vehicle details with photos, and easily send an email enquiry asking for more information. Even retailers with no present website can take advantage of this beneficial functionality by using Xara Online’s standard web pages, offered as part of the system.
My spin:I was reading this press release and thought, this is pretty neat. Although, it’s nothing technically great done here, a database online, it’s an easy way for a car dealer who wants to quickly get online and try to sell cars online (if he should is an entirely separate question) to do so. Good job Xara Online!