David Coursey agrees wtih Ramon Ray: The REAL reason RealNames is going poof

Anchor DeskIt’s amazing how many different ways people can find to avoid saying, “We screwed up.” I was reminded of this recently when I visited the Web site of a guy named Keith Teare.
Until a few days ago, Teare was CEO of a company called RealNames. The company’s product was an alternative Internet naming system under which users could navigate the Web by typing simple keywords (such as “AnchorDesk”) into their browsers instead of complicated URLs (“www.anchordesk.com”).
It was a good idea–but good ideas don’t always make good businesses. In fact, the company doors will likely shut for good in a month or two. Why? Teare blames Microsoft. I disagree. Microsoft may have put the final nail in the coffin. But what really killed RealNames was a bad business model.