Dell readies PC recycling program

MSNBC: e-waste proposal from shareholder helps prompt the process
AUSTIN, Texas, May 13 ó As the worlds personal computer king, Dell Computer Corp. builds millions of machines that produce tons of hazardous waste once they’re dead and buried in landfills. As a result of a pending shareholder resolution calling for Dell to take action on computer waste as well as the company’s general concern for the environment, the Round Rock, Texas-based high tech titan plans to announce a computer recycling program aimed at consumers.
My spin: What do you do with computers when you don’t need them anymore? Throw them in the trash. Recycling programs are good, but what about building the cost into the purchase price of computers and have the local EPA work with a contractor to take care of all PCs that are no longer needed?
I’m just thinking…let’s say I have 20 PC’s would I PAY $20 or so per PC or more to have them thrown out?…..