Gateway Adopts Tough Attitude Under Waitt as Its Sales Tumble: Can a pony-tailed computer guru change his management spots? Ted Waitt is trying.

WSJ: The co-founder and chief executive of Gateway Inc. has long been centrally involved in most of the personal-computer maker’s decisions, from its advertising selection to corporate partnerships. But Gateway’s losses are piling up and its market share is falling, indicating that the old ways aren’t working.
Now, Mr. Waitt is making a battlefield conversion. Borrowing from methods long used by arch-rival Dell Computer Corp., Gateway is moving to rigorous measurement and discipline. At the company’s new Poway, Calif., headquarters, a 9-foot-by-12-foot screen visible to all employees projects a running, daily tally comparing sales and costs with forecasts. (full story – note you must have a subscriptionto the WSJ to read this)
My spin: I guess I don’t understand why Ted didn’t do this years ago… metrics and discipline are the key to any successful business. Is it too late for Gateway?