Independent Agents – better for your business?

Var Business Magazine talked about how independent agents are breaking away from traditionally valued adding reselling and selling cusotmers what they need for their business and not what makes more money for the reseller.
I’m not a reseller, and I’m sure there’s a financial incentive to puse higher margins products to customers at times, but a good VAR, no matter what should sell products that are BEST for the customer.
This article relates the story of how one VAR was told to sell Oracle databases and servers from Sun and Compaq as they requried a high level of installation expertise. But he had sold several STORServer back up devices as they were easier to use and best for a particular customer. This VAR left and started his own compnay.
(PS – I’m sure this was a great PR pitch by STOREServer also, as they were mentioned several times in the story)